Tips for Naming Your Small Business

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Tips for Naming Your Small Business

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Choosing a business name is a crucial part of your brand. A good business name should make your customers remember you easily.

What do you want your business name to convey? Consider what describes the product/service you offer.

Keep the name short, simple, easy to write/spell, remember, and tells people what you do.

Obscure names are difficult to remember and make it more difficult for satisfied customers to promote your business. Ideally do not use letter substitutions such as “K” in place of “Q’ or “Ph” in place of “F’.

Your business name is an important part of your business identity. The name will appear on your business cards, website, emails, social media.

Once you have decided on the name, now you need to find out if someone else has registered it. Go to and see if the name you have chosen is available.

You need to reserve your business name, register your domain name and get started with your trade mark, create social media usernames.

Remember, your brand name should reinforce the objectives of your business. The more it communicates about your business and what you provide the less effort you’ll expend trying to explain it.

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