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My small business ownership background is in retail, hospitality, recruitment and manufacturing / distribution. From experience I know how isolated small business owners can sometimes feel.

I recall the occasions sitting in my office wishing I had another person to bounce ideas off. It is for this reason I have been motivated to create an affordable avenue for small business owners to access like minded people. Being in business for some years I have established a team of business advisors available to assist you with support and advice in their particular area of expertise.

My mission is to motivate, encourage, educate and support small business owners to achieve their goals. Join us now and be part of a supportive business group.

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Key to success

"key element to an effective business... is to get your business known."

Bizfit offers you the opportunity to...
Connect and exchange ideas with like minded small business owners.
Share knowledge and resources
Raise your business profile
Expand your customer base - increase your income. You will have access to potential new customers
Tap into advice and expertise
Business education with access to resources
Convenience of coaching from your office/home
Resources & Tools including educational webinars
Promote your business free on our members facebook
Motivation and support when you need it.

Network with Bizfit

Remember, networking is a two way street
as well as receive advice, you too can offer advice

Success is often "who" you know... not "what" you know

You fit with Bizfit

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