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Bizfit Founder
Pam Wallace
027 271 9999

More about Pam

I have owned small businesses in Dunedin, Alexandra, Christchurch and Auckland. My 3 sons are all small business owners and I have had the opportunity and privilege to act as a sounding board and provide advice to assist each of them in their business.

Having a corporate career in finance, recruitment, hospitality/tourism provided me with extensive experience and knowledge of sales/ marketing and providing excellence in customer service. This proved extremely beneficial when I started my first small business. My business ownership is in retail, hospitality, recruitment, distributorship / manufacturing.

I have this intense passion about the success of small business owners and the intention of this online networking group is to provide members affordable support and advice from a team of professionals successful in their field of expertise.

You will get a fresh perspective, guidance and inspiration to assist you achieve your business goals. The team are committed to assist BIZFIT members prosper in their business.

The “Bizfit team” know and understand small business as we have “walked the walk”.

"As a first time business owner, having Pam as my mentor has provided guidance, strength and motivation to grow and succeed. Pam is professional and friendly and her years of business experience has been invaluable."

"Pam listened to our needs and offered sound advice. She was very professional, but balanced with an understanding and empathetic nature and we were so thankful for her honest and frank advice. She is one of those rare people who you meet that can make a big difference in your life".
Lawrence and Paula

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