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Social Media Consultant
Nikki Morgan
027 470 7151

More about Nikki

Over the past 30 years marketing tools have changed dramatically. When I first started my career in Sales and Marketing, I worked across TV advertising, radio, press and Yellow Pages, but today I find myself working increasingly with social media platforms, blogging sites, websites and digital marketing.

These days small business owners come to me not only for marketing help, advice and ideas, but to learn how to navigate the social media and digital platforms in order to gain more exposure for their business and get a better return on investment. It has been a great pleasure to work with these businesses and watch them flourish. I have a toolbox of tried and tested marketing ideas and strategies but offer a bespoke service. My aim is to be your sounding board so that together we can find marketing solutions that best fit your business needs, goals and ambitions.

“I highly recommend Nikki’s services to any business looking for help with their marketing, sales or for a second opinion. Nikki has been hugely valuable to our business as she provides fresh thinking and energy. We are experiencing greater engagement and sales leads since we started working with Nikki. “

Gail, Secured Signing

“I have worked with Nikki for over 6 years. She always does an amazing job of promoting and advertising the event. Nikki really knows her way around social media and digital marketing. With her help we have gathered a great data base which makes contacting our customers so easy. Nikki is great to deal with, full of ideas, always enthusiastic and positive and keen to help us succeed.“

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