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Dean Rix
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More about Dean

Who here likes Cupcakes !!!

How many of you have made cupcakes ?…you will then know you need the basics ie: Flour, Eggs and Sugar.
Well the same applies for your website’s ingredients: website domain name / website hosting / your content etc.
you can either: bake your own cupcakes at home…You can also make your own website at home.
or: If your in a rush most of us would go to a store and buy a pre-made cupcake…You can also go online and buy a pre-made website.
But if you want a professional cupcake for a special occasion you would go to a professional get it made.

SNAP !!! judgement

This happens when you first meet someone you make a “SNAP judgement”.
These thoughts can also apply when a client views your website for the first time.
So you need to have a good first impression …Right!

Good vs Bad Websites

Loading time…loading…loading…still loading…oops you just lost a customer.
Mobile website if not set up correct you will have a hard time reading it.
If you have to pinch or zoom in on the mobile screen…that’s an indication of a poorly designed website.

Set Goals

Usually when I ask a client what they wish to achieve with their website most would respond “The ability for my clients to contact me”
So I like to establish the goals upfront.
Here are some basic goals:
• Make sure your phone number is in text not an image.
• Use functional on screen Pop-ups to build your client database.
• Have a call to action at top of your home page.
• If your selling a product online you would want to make sure the checkout process works on all platforms ie mobile , laptop or computer.

This is where I can assist…

• Design the concepts / layout
• Build the website
• Test the site for bugs and responding to other mobile / laptop

Remember your Key ingredients to a good website !!!

• Always start with a great Logo
• The Design itself is very important “This is my speciality”
• SNAP…remember first impressions!!!

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