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Bizfit Partner
Alisa Van de Ven
021 848 601

More about Alisa

My passion for business originates from the desire to help others generate the life they really want to live. With a transparent approach and genuine interest in every individual, I preserve extensive networks all over the world and
run business internationally.
My ups and downs over the last fifteen years taught me how to engage in running multiple businesses while maintaining work life balance. Love, respect and leadership-by-example are my life’s biggest strengths. With those secured under my belt, sharing business secrets is a pleasure: I simply think that the world would be a better place if everyone shared what they know, selflessly.
Ability to make changes towards life we dream of, comes from people who have walked before us. I am lucky enough to be on the path where many of those people shared their time and shaped me into a business woman I am
today: It really is now on me to return the favour, individual at a time.

“ Business is a distinctive and often constant trend in the style and perception in which every team individual thrives. It is the prevailing attitude at any moment in time.”

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